Image polygraphy products of the brand are the carriers of brand key values. They are a strategic instrument of brand communication with the end-users and business partners. Image polygraph products often serve to remind customers and partners of your brand, to support the image of your company. Branding agency BrandExpert “Freedom Island” provides a full range of high-quality services in the field of development of image polygraph products such as catalogue design, booklet design, calendar design, annual reports, postcards, etc.


Effective catalogue and booklet design

The key criteria of successful image polygraph products (in particular catalogue and booklet design) are the following:

Informativity — Catalogue design is developed for the end-user to easily perceive necessary and useful information about the brand and the products.

Functionality — The key function of catalogue and booklet design is to remind of the brand, of its product range, services and professional capacities.

Creativity — Designer’s original idea and unusual approach allow making catalogue design bright, noticeable and easy to remember. This means that your brand will be favorably distinguished among the competitors.

Relevancy — Correspondence of catalogue and booklet design with marketing project targets and its positioning strategy helps to create and support unity of brand perception, direction of its further development as well as inform the target audience of the brand key values.

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