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Brand guideline

Refined brand guideline developed by BrandExpert will help your brand creating a strong visual identity sustem that maintains brand unity, reflects your core values, and helps to increase brand awareness. Our designers develop a new visual language to facilitate the communication betwen your brand and its target customers.



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Brand guidelines structure 

The brand guideline is detailed guidance for brand identity management. It involves the following strategic aspects:

Brand mission is the key guiding star explaining the brand's determination and its key purpose. 

Brand vision is the perfect future your brand would like to make true. 

Positioning is a unique image in minds of the audience your brand aims to reach.

The visual brand strategy is a system of visual communication between the brand and its audience revealing your brand's values through multiple signs, symbols, colors, and their specific combinations.

Tone of voice is the way your brand talks to your audience, it's all about the word choice, brand image, and the character behind your brand. 

Interior design is a unique space and the special atmosphere your brand creates and shares with its customers. 

Together, these aspects create a holistic image of your brand and bring a unique experience your customers would like to share with their friends and families. 

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