Brand guideline

The brand guideline is the most important strategic document combining all the information about the brand, starting from the basics of its philosophy and positioning strategy to the key aspects of the system of visual identification and the smallest details of every corporate identity element.

Brand guideline structures and optimizes all the information about the brand. Brand guideline brings unified logic to brand strategy, helps to work out recommendations that will allow keeping brand unity and integrity of its image in all brand communications with the target audience.


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Brand guidelines structure 

The brand guideline is a detailed guidance for the brand and corporate identity management. It involves the following strategic aspects:

Brand philosophy is the key theoretical section of a brand guideline which describes brands essential targets, key aspects of brand ideology and message.

Basics of Brand positioning strategy is a section of a guideline that describes the brand positioning strategy through four dimensions of its perception (functional, social, mental, spiritual).

The visual brand strategy is a section which specifies the basic principles of visual communication between brand and audience (semiotics and semantics, signs, symbols, brand color palette, etc.).

Constants of brand identification strategy is a practical section of a brand guideline that describes all the principles and rules of logo development and use, corporate identity, corporate color palette, additional image graphics and other elements of brand visual strategy.

Design standards of corporate identity merchandise is an applicable section of a brand book which includes all kinds of brand corporate identity merchandise with all recommendations on their correct use. This section describes all the design standards for business documents, corporate printed products, image and commercial materials, souvenir and gift products, interior and exterior solutions, brand webspace etc.

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