In most common sense Branding is the process of creation, development and managing the brand. More precisely branding could be defined as a creation of unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind. Mainly it's carrying out through brand identity design, packaging design and advertising campaigns on a consistent base.

Thr main goal of branding is to establish a significant and easily differentiated presence in the market and to attract and retain loyal customers.


Key branding stages

Market research as branding economic basis is an essential stage and a start point for any further work within branding.

Selection of priority positioning strategy — determination of positioning strategy sets a direction for the development of the future visual-communicative brand strategy, defines the key values of the brand for the end-users.

Development of brand name (naming) and its registration in Patent and Trademark Agency of Russia. A unique name and its legal protection create a comfortable environment for brand promotion in the long-term perspective.

Logo development is one of the key branding stages that determine the basis of the future strategy of brand visual communications.

Development of brand corporate identity as an integral stage of branding allows providing unity and the ultimate presence of the brand.

Packaging design is an essential stage of commercial branding which helps to create a brand image within a market, distinguish it from the competitors and spark sales.

Brand guideline development. A brand guideline is a unified document which combines branding work results. It includes theoretical brand aspects (philosophy, positioning) and practical recommendations on how to use its visual attributes.

Interior design is another branding stage which helps to create a unique brand environment, reflect its inner essence and key values as well as to bring end-users loyalty.

Branding Cost

Each brand is unique. Branding has no standard solutions that can be implemented for different projects and brands. Every solution is unique, strategically adjusted and effective only for the given project. Thus the cost of branding services is always calculated individually, depending on volumes, project peculiarities and strategic marketing targets of branding.

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