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Logo design

BrandExpert offers logo design services along with creating a holistic system of brand identity and communications. Designing your logo with professionals means finding the best possible expression for all the most powerful ideas, values, and brand statements beyond words.

Our logo designs harmonize both aesthetics and functionality, shape brand history, and make your brand shine.



The logo is the most effective means of identification and individualization of the brand. It is a reflection of your brand strategy, it includes the name, brand colors, unique graphics and typographics.

The power of logo is in its ubiquitous presence: on the product and packaging, on the web, in advertising and polygrapgy, in the retail space and offices, etc.

The logo creation is the first and essential step in building the unified system of brand visual communications. The customer perceives recognizable logo design as a quality mark which has credibility and helps to identify your product or service quickly among a number of competitive trademarks.

Brand characteristic aspects, its market segment and positioning, its character, ideology and key values determine logo design style and its aesthetics. Depending on the brand character and positioning, logo design always emphasizes such brand values as a certain way of life, sophisticated taste or reliability, confidence, strength etc. BrandExpert will help your brand building a strong and efficient identity and a compelling logo design.

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