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STREET BEAT is a new brand from KONTI-RUS, a confectionery manufacturer with nearly a century-long history and a presence in over 30 countries worldwide. STREET BEAT introduces a new chocolate bar with contemporary flavors, designed to cater to the diverse preferences of a wide range of consumers. The task facing the BRANDEXPERT agency team was to create a vibrant, modern brand capable of securing a strong position among well-known global chocolate bar brands. The unique case included naming, logo development, packaging design, and a brand's visual strategy, considering adaptation to new flavors and product formats.

The brand name encapsulates the following meanings:
STREET conveys the imagery of a bold, youthful «street vibe», imbuing the brand with a special sense and vivid emotions.
BEAT represents the «heartbeat of modern life», «in tune with the new day», effective images for the target audience: some strive to stay current, while others look towards the future.
STREET BEAT is not just a chocolate bar; it's a delicious adventure for those who value freedom of choice and excitement in every moment.

The STREET BEAT logo embodies the energy of a modern, active lifestyle, which is conveyed associatively through the dynamics of graphic elements. The visual contrast between the primary colors — black and white — creates an expressive effect that conveys deep emotions and atmosphere. These selected colors are timeless and always remain relevant, making them an optimal choice for the brand's strategic development.

STREET BEAT's packaging design combines minimalism with expressiveness. Clear lines and bold graphic elements make the product noticeable and contemporary. The brand takes center stage on the packaging, immediately drawing attention. The color palette is adaptable to the expansion of the brand's flavor range.

STREET BEAT's visual strategy was developed with the dynamic nature of the confectionery market in mind. The foundation of the strategy lies in flexibility and adaptability, allowing the brand to respond promptly to changing consumer preferences.

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