Web site development

Brand corporate web site is the most complete and decent presentation of your company in Internet, targeted at the most wide range of potential clients and partners. Creation of corporate web site is aimed to inform the audience about activity sphere and specifics of your company, and it is also to develop relevant image of the brand.

Development of the web site is a constituent part of integral branding and is a continuation of brand visual-communicative strategy in the Internet. Web site design is in many ways build on the basis of previous brand aspects such as logo design, corporate identity, image graphic products, supporting communications, etc.

Basic aim of web site development is to create unity of brand image which will possess unique inner essence, original outer characteristics, functionality and use for each representative of the target audience.

Stages of development of corporate web site

Definition of certain issues of brand web site development. Corporate web-site or internet-shop should complete the following tasks: inform the customer, promote product/service, stimulate sales, create and support brand image, etc.

Development and approval of priority web-site design concept. Web site design concept is traditionally presented by the example of the home page and several inner pages, depending on complexity of the future web site structure.

Web site programming. This stage of web site development includes integration of design and control system of the future web site.

Web site release. Ready-made web site starts to function independently from the moment when the hosting is chosen and after transition to the own domain.

Posting the content. The content of the web site can be posted by either customer itself or by BrandExpert “Freedom Island” specialists.

Development of mobile version and mobile application.Progress in modern technologies demands every brand to quickly react to all the changes and to provide every customer with access to all information about product or service. Mobile version of web site can help here. It provides quick access to the web site from smartphones and also suggests various applications for mobile phones and tablets.

Cost of development of brand web site

Every project of company web site or internet-shop development is unique. It has different amount and complexity of tasks and demands deep individual approach in the sphere of developments and pricing.

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