Branding agency BrandExpert “Freedom Island” is a leader in the Russian market of branding and naming services. The company has considerable experience and offers professional development of legal brand names with good performance and efficiency on the market. Names developed by us function successfully, bring profit to the owners and are popular among end-users.


Effective naming criteria

BrandExpert “Freedom Island” specialists create the brand name with a view and detailed analysis of all linguistic, semantic, phonetic and psychological factors that emphasize the commercial success of the brand.

Effective naming is a development of name which corresponds to the following criteria:

Euphony. The brand name should sound nice and beautiful, the consumer should want to repeat it.

Relevancy. Most relevant reflection of positioning, key advantages, and brand values.

Individuality. Effective naming brings individuality to the brand and distinguishes it in the competitive environment.

Unambiguity. The absence of undesirable associations or translations in the foreign languages makes brand promotion successful.

Legality. The naming work can be called successful only when the name is legal and has no obstacles for registration as a trademark.

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