At BrandExpert, we create innovative, functional, and expressive solutions in packaging design that help your brand stand out m the crowd.

Our packaging design concept is always backed up with integral market research. Such an approach allows you to build an efficient tool for sales stimulation.


Stages of packaging and label design

Key stages of packaging designing by BrandExpert:

  • A detailed study of local and international experience in a respectful market niche.

  • Analysis of the best samples from different angles: the most suitable for the end-user size and shape; the best available solution for storage and use of the product; key graphics, color, and verbal signs that allow the customer to identify the product asap.

  • Defining the best shape, size, or volume based on the research results.

  • Finding the best way to communicate your unique selling proposition in packaging design.

  • Professional photo shooting, food styling.

  • Development of several packaging design concepts. Usually, at least three.

  • Preparation for printing, color proof.

Our branding experience and strategic vision help us create the most effective packaging designs that turn your brands into top-performers and market leaders.

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