Packaging design

The packaging design is one of the key marketing tools maybe even more powerful than advertising and discount programs . It helps the potential customer to identify the product, its qualities and to form a definite opinion about it. Packaging design carries a maximum of primary information that is important for a buyer: the price range, the product’s quality and final customer benefits. Therefore an important role in shaping customer preferences plays the original appearance of the package. Very often packaging is the main factor to determine the final consumers choice.

Packaging design bears the brand ideology, clearly presenting its core values, benefits and creating a single positive image in the mind of the consumer. The new product has only one chance to make a good impression to the customer. And it can be done by effective and attractive packaging design. Your core communicative message to the consumer created by packaging design should be clear and accessible, translating basic properties, benefits of the product and its strengths. It’s the only guarantee to form a trustful relation to your product and a desire to buy it.

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Stages of packaging and label design

Development of packaging design concept goes through several stages and generates functional and expressive design solution which stands out among other brands packaging. Packaging design is always based on integral research that allows creating not just packaging design but also effective tool of sales stimulation.

The key stages of packaging/label design are the following:

Detailed study of Russian and worldwide experience in the sphere of packaging design of the given type of product.

Analysis of the best samples with view of the following:

  • selection of suitable size for the end-user packaging,
  • priority type of shape,
  • best possible solution for storage and use,
  • identifying key graphics, color and verbal signs that allow the end-user to identify the needed category of product fast enough.

Analysis of the received information, determination of the suitable format and approach in packaging design with view of specifications in brand positioning, price segment, USP and other aspects.

Professional photo shoot of products, food styling.

Development of variants of packaging design (label design) concept.

Presentation of work results in respect of packaging design concept.

Modification of the selected option of packaging design concept if needed, development of packaging design concept for the range of products.

Final presentation of work results in respect of packaging design development.

Final preparation of the materials for printing, color proof in typography where the products will be printed.

Branding agency BrandExpert “Freedom Island” specialists have considerable experience and strategic vision which provide the development of very effective packaging and label design that guarantees high marketing indicators and promising brand success.

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