NUTBERRY is a new brand of GOOD FOOD company gathering a wide range of nuts, dried fruits and mixtures focused on active modern audience of people who care about their health and nutrition. Integrated development of brand NUTBERRY included: naming, logo design, corporate identity and packaging design.

Naming NUTBERRY is a transparent combination of English words NUT and BERRY reveals the brand concept , and emphasizes that the composition of the product contains only fresh nuts, ripe berries and fruits . The main objective in the development of corporate identity and packaging design was to form a unique visual image of pure organic product preserving all the natural benefits and a high content of vitamins. Packaging design effectively combines a palette of natural craft paper shades, young green leaves and range of fresh color accents of fruits, berries and nuts.

В проекте использованы фотоматериалы:
BRANDEXPERT «Остров Свободы» / ShutterStock

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