Samfruit is one of the largest wholesale producers and suppliers of dried fruits, vegetables, and herbs in Uzbekistan. Unique natural and climatic conditions provide these fruits with excellent taste as a key competitive advantage of the brand. A full cycle production from soil preparation to careful harvesting allows guaranteeing the highest quality of the final product.

The logo uses all colors of the national flag of Uzbekistan as the most powerful identifier of the origin of the product as a guarantee of quality and taste. The shape of the logo resembles the unique blue domes as one of the most striking and recognizable symbols of Samarkand.

The original graphics in brand’s identity continue the idea of national brand identification using the motifs of a traditional mosaic of architectural sights of Samarkand.

The website emphasizes the b2b positioning of the brand and its special attitude to the quality control at each stage of production. Website design makes it convenient to choose and order any wholesale batch of the product.

Дизайн Samfruit наилучшим образом раскрывает ключевое преимущество бренда — неповторимый вкус и отменное качество натуральных овощей и зелени, выращенных на самых солнечных и плодородных землях Узбекистана.

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