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ABSOLUT Group is one of the largest Russian investment holdings, combining a variety of industries: development of commercial and residential real estate, trading, manufacturing, finances and investments, insurance industry and others. The calendar design created by "Ostrov Svobody" branding agency for 2015 reflects the ideology, core values and underlying principles of the Absolute Holding business philosophy.

ABSOLUT corporate calendar is mainly intended for staff and partners of the holding. Design is focuses on professionalism, prospects, development, effectiveness, new unique opportunities and horizons are opened for each holdings partner. At the same time ABSOLUT calendar reveals all the advantages of holding as an employer, self-promoting and improving the quality of life of each employee. Calendar design keeps the color code of the brand and reveals such basic values of the holding nonstop development, commitment to new heights, creativity, through the lens of the absolute, ideal as a natural desire of mankind.

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