Clinical Hospital in Yauza

Clinical Hospital in Yauza is a multi-disciplinary medical center in the center of Moscow providing high-quality medical services. The practice of the medical center is based on the application of the best innovative technologies in diagnostics and therapy. The hospital employs specialists with unique practical experience in Russia, Europe, Israel and the USA — professors, candidates and doctors of medical sciences.
Создание корпоративного бренда Клинического госпиталя на Яузе Дизайн визиток Клинического госпиталя на Яузе Дизайн интерьера Клинического госпиталя на Яузе Дизайн логотипа Клинического госпиталя на Яузе Только самое современное оборудование Лучшие врачи и диагносты мирового уровня

Brand’s logo and identity emphasize the high professional competence of the brand, a deep scientific approach at the heart of every decision. The logo design is built on a laconic combination of four elements: a book as a symbol of scientific knowledge, a shield symbolizing reliability and trust to the brand, a lotus as a symbol of purity and perfection, and water that emphasizes the location of the Clinical Hospital on the Yauza river. In order to preserve the unity of brand perception, brand guideline unites all the constants: positioning strategy, logo and identity, the core principles of the interior designing and navigation.

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