Miratorg Black Angus

Miratorg Angus Beef is a prime local brand of high-quality Aberdeen Angus beef developing a fundamentally new culture of fresh beef consumption in Russia. The assortment of the Angus Beef brand contains only most valuable pieces of tenderloin meeting three highest international categories marbling Prime, Choice and Select. Such meat is usually used by chefs of world best steakhouses and provides dishes with expected refined taste. The Angus Beef brand achieves such a high quality of meat only thanks to a closed cycle of production and total control at every stage: from the cultivation, grazing and special grass-feed to meat processing, packing, and delivery to retailers.

New visual strategy, packaging and label design of Angus Beef helps to form common principles of differentiation for all main categories of refined meat. The buyer can easily distinguish Choice category with a distinctive kraft-colored background, and Prime wi black background. As well the background contains the unique engraving with the image of the Angus steer reinforcing the brand positioning. The informational content of the packaging is enhanced with the Special-sign reflecting a specific part of the cut and the number of grass-fed days. Professional photography, typography techniques and food styling used in gastronomic magazines emphasize the exceptional taste of the refined steak.

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