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Under the Ecopole brand is presented a wide range of natural wheat, rye, corn, and oat bran saturating the body with essential fiber.

This branding project included Ecopole brand name development, logo and corporate identity designing, as well as creating packaging for the entire product range.

“Ecopole” brand name is a neologism that can be translated as “Eco-Field”. It emphasizes the natural, eco-friendly, useful nature of the whole grain product and correctly positions it in healthy foods segment.

Разработка бренда отрубей Экополе
Разработка бренда отрубей Экополе
Дизайн упаковки отрубей Экополе
Дизайн упаковки отрубей Экополе
Дизайн этикетки отрубей Экополе
Дизайн этикетки отрубей Экополе
Разработка упаковки BRANDEXPERT Остров Свободы
Разработка упаковки BRANDEXPERT Остров Свободы
Разработка названия бренда Экополе
Разработка названия бренда Экополе

The most interesting aspect of this project is packaging design. It uses the texture of natural linen fabric with traditional Russian flower embroidery as a background. This original an unexpected design solution creates an unusual handmade effect that enhances the impression of a natural, healthy, homemade product rich in valuable fibers.
In order to differentiate various products within the product range, we change the embroidery pattern while preserving the linen texture.

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